O'Sin 4807 168cm

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The 4807 is the elevation of the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The board, is one of the most iconic powder boards of all time. Designed in 1996, it remained in production unchanged for 10 years because of it's perfect combination of groomer carving, and unsinkability in the deepest lightest powder.

Starting with a blanc canvas, using the latest design breakthroughs and riding styles, we have created a striking new design that adheres to the philosophy of the original. Wider for less boot drag, shifted volume with a softer more gradual curved boat nose, a longer more "pumpable" swallowtail, brings you the most exciting powder deck that you'll have ridden for years.


DP 4807

Length 168cm
Nose width 320mm
Waist Width 273mm
Tail Width 305mm
Effective Edge 1190mm
Nose Length 430mm
Tail length 210mm
Nose Rocker 83mm
Tail Rocker 28mm
Camber 5mm
Stance Max 640mm
Stance Min 520mm
Insert offset 180mm
Special Boat Hull Nose



Core Sycamore
Lamination Tri-ax fiberglass
Resign Epoxy
Base Sintered
Damping Oscillate