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Snowboards don’t come much wider or wilder than the Aloha Vibes. Bursting with lift-generating surface-area, this stumpy pow-surfing delight floats equally well in raucous steeps and low angle, snow-filled meadows. Fat, but also nimble and playful, weight-saving HEXO2 Lite cuts unwanted swing-weight from the Aloha’s oversize chassis. 

Fresh-legged or weary, the Aloha Vibes planes so perfectly in deep snow that you’ll be exploding pillows and clocking-up turns until last lifts without a hint of leg burn.

The Aloha Vibes is one of 5 radically different snowboards in Amplid's FUTURE SHAPES family. Featuring out-there geometry and clever design features our Future Shapes boards bring new sensations to deep snow shredding.