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Peter Bauer drew on his many years’ experience working on the successful Singular series to create the Soulmate – a true Swiss army knife that will unlock the doors to any kind of terrain the mountains offer up.
The Soulmate mixes a modern nose shape with a slight taper and semi swallow tail for cutting edge float and agility, on deep days as well as on corduroy.
This quiver of one calls “no-graphics” as its graphical concept that allows those with lighter wallets to also experience the epic performance of an Amplid snowboard.

Featuring the Future Shapes family’s familiar oversize features and cleverly though-out construction, the Kill Switch’s longer and slightly narrower shape gives this mutant the same insane auto-float sensation, but with more stability and control at speed. Less directional than purebred powder specialists, the Kill Switch handles regular and switch duties with ease, but when conditions are epically deep, its chip-fork-like pintail loosens the ride in a surfy way and keeps its big nose out of trouble.