Amplid Spray Tray 147

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The Spray Tray is the missing piece of the Future Shapes puzzle. Its clever, scaled-down dimensions pack the Future Shapes’ fabled float and personality into a more compact board length.

It is insanely agile; a quick flick of its tapered, V-shape tail is enough to scrub speed or pop the Spray Tray out of a tricky transition or a hidden compression. Pump hard with both feet to generate speed, its long, wide nose can handle loading even in chin-deep pow pow. Powder droughts happen, lucky then that the Spray Tray loves ripping turns and pulling Gs on hardpack too. A board for smaller riders or those who like ‘em petite, with a nice mid waist for maximum floatation - regardless their gender.


A half-fat camber for all-mountain dominance. Its toned-down dimensions deliver a precise and lively feel much like Pop Camber, but with much improved deep snow performance and a more “broken-in” feel out of the shrink-wrap. In Amplid’s directional snowboards a touch of early rise is added to Cruise Camber to improve buoyancy even further.


overall length (mm) 1470
nose length (mm) 280
running length (mm) 1040
tail length (mm) 150
waist width (mm) 254
underfoot width front (mm) 267
underfoot width back (mm) 259
nose width (mm) 294
tail width (mm) 280
sidecut depth (mm) 16.5
sidecut radius (m) 8.3
stance position 20 back
nose radius (mm) 800
tail radius (mm) 800
ref stance (cm) 53 (49 - 57)
camber Cruise Camber
approx weight (kg) 2.8
rider weight-range (kg) 45 - 75
active surface area (cm2) 3750