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Following the intrinsic search for the „perfect daily driver“, we feel it was our obligation to create the top notch swiss army knife for the true all-mountain performance, with the smallest compromise restrictions (a.k.a. “close to none”). Carving early morning groomers at mach 5, attaining freestyle cred in the park or plowing effortless through waist-deep powder – the habitat of this new wonderboard is simply in every terrain and all snow conditions. Sounds highly promising, almost too good to be true. But it’s true. HEX02 honey comb in tip and tail for less swing weight, VISCO DAMP 2.0 for maximum vibration dampening, sintered base for the highest speed - the Singular is simply the best One-For-All choice for the rider who wants to conquer the entire mountain with one snowboard. Available in a directional and twin version.