Corran SUP Flyte

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If you don't have wings, you'll never fly!

And for an easy-to-use board, hoo boy does the Flyte go! It's just so much fun, for all skill levels. Fitness paddling? It's got you covered. Afternoon sunset cruise? Yep, it's got you. No matter what, the Flyte is the go to board for everyone from recreational racers, to recreational "I'm just here to enjoy myself" paddlers.

The recessed standing area, displacement bow, with sweeping hull arc all work together to make this magic board... well... magic!

 New inventory arrives in May. 

The traction pad is clear*

Mambo main technical Specifications  
Board Name Miami Vice Cherry Blossom
Length 10'6" | 320cm 10'6" | 320cm
Width 31" | 79cm 30" | 76cm
Volume 50gal | 188Ltr 47gal | 179ltr
Nose Rocker 6" | 15cm 5.5" | 14cm
Tail Rocker 5.5" | 14cm 5" | 13cm
Construction Fiberglass/Epoxy Fiberglass/Epoxy