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Kids into powder are looking for the same surfy feel on the mountain as everyone else: a lightweight boot to recreate the surfy feeling of riding strapless on rolling ocean waves... but on the mountain, strapped in.

The J Bay is a medium stiff flex boot forward and back, so kids have the confidence to drive the board from rail to rail, but has high lateral flex so they can get that surfy feeling in powder, and general mountain riding.

We didn't just take our mens boot and make it smaller. We re-engineered it to work with the body size and mass of kids. This allows them to edge effortlessly into either groomer or powder turns, while replicating the freedom of movement that you'd have on a surfboard.

We want to turn the mountain into a giant wave park, so kids can make surf-like turns all over mountain, like  they're surfing ocean waves. But don't be fooled, the J Bay will handle the park with the same freestyling ease as charging deep powder.

The J Bay is a Quick Lace boot, for rapid entry and exit, with a snug precision fit built around a kids foot. Deep Powder surfers, as well as general mountain riders who prefer a more precision response than whats generally available will appreciate the freedom of this lightweight (400g) performance focused boot.