Naeba FT540 quick entry

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Quick entry Bindings: hold on to your boots, not outdated ideas. Reclining highbacks make it easy to slip your foot in and go without needing to do the old "sit down strap up stand up" routine before dropping in. They have a medium flex for maximum versatility, and these babies rip pow, groomers, the park, and holes in a thing called "the traditional way".


Product Details


Flex Rating  4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

Response  Relaxed


FT4 Nylon Composite Baseplate  A durable nylon composite baseplate offers predictable performance and reliable construction.

EVA Foam Footbed  An EVA foam footbed cushions from heel to toe.


ERGO-X Asym Highback  Ergonomic shape with soft top padding supports later mobility and increased medial stability when things get sideways.

Reclining Highback  For a speedy rear-entry advantage.


Asym Straps  Asymmetric straps provide lateral support to keep you centered and on your feet in park terrain.

Auto Open Ankle Strap  Opens auto magically!

Thin Fit Toe Strap  Ultra Thin and light, wraps like second skin.

Cable Redirection  For unimpeded movement


Micro Buckle on Toe Strap  The Micro Buckle on the toe strap allows for quick adjust or entry/exit.

Auto Lever  For simplified entry

Additional Features

Multi-Entry  Rear entry bindings now with conventional functionality option! Faster, easier, and smarter than ever before.


  • Ability Level:Intermediate-AdvancedMore 
  • Flex Rating:MediumMore 
  • Binding Style:Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern:2x4, 4x4, Channel
  • Warranty:Limited Lifetime (Baseplates), 1 Year (All Other Parts)