O'Sin DB 158

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The Das Board 158 is everything you want from a super surfy feeling, powder deck, that's still a blast inbounds. A back foot driver, the DB158 feels like you're on a surfboard, whether that's in powder or on groomer.

Light centre camber between your feet sweeps up into early rocker for a smooth, precise ride, that'll have you trench digger on groomer, and armpit dragging in powder.


DB 158


Length 158cm
Nose width 320mm
Waist Width 271mm
Tail Width 299mm
Effective Edge 1105mm
Nose Length 440mm
Tail length 307mm
Nose Rocker 82mm
Tail Rocker 17mm
Camber 2mm
Stance Max 600mm
Stance Min 481mm
Base Profile Powder Hull
Recommended Stance R: -5/+10 | F +10/+36



Core Sycamore
Lamination Tri-ax fiberglass
Resign Epoxy
Base Sintered
Damping Oscillate