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We were not too afraid to push the limits on this one. We're surfers at heart, and in developing the Pipeline boot, we wanted a boot that would bring as much as possible the wave surfing experience to the mountain.

Pipeline has a relatively stiff flex forward and back, but has high lateral flex. This allows you to edge aggressively into lay-out carved turns, while the lateral flex replicates the freedom of movement that you'd have on a surfboard, so you and weight forward and back as needed, making "bottom and top" turns on mountain features like its an ocean wave.

Regarded as the most bullet proof boot in the Unit line, the Pipeline lives up to expectations. 

The Pipeline is a Boa closing boot, for those who enjoy a dial-in precision fit. Hard-chargers who prefer response that feels fused to the foot will appreciate the cranked-up power of this lightweight (850g) but performance focused boot.