Sidecut Surfboard

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This radical departure from standard surf design combines the effectiveness of classic retro fish concepts, with modern snowboarding thought on the use of set back sidecut. 

Focused almost exclusively for river waves (unless you ocean surf somewhere with long slopey waves), the Sidecut offers superior lift and floatation for easy paddle in, easy pop, and maximum planing at minimum speeds.

The extra wide tail provides lift so that the board sits cleanly on the waves face, no matter how slow and mushy it is, so that you can spend your ride surfing, not pumping to stay on. This extra width is compensated for by using a light sidecut so that it can be turned easily even with moderately low edging angles, allowing you to slice and dice even the tiniest of waves. 

Board comes with traction pad


Main Technical Specifications

Board Name



6'3" / 6'6" / 6'9"

Nose Width

16.4" / 16.8" / 17.2"

Waist Width

21.2" / 22" / 22.8"

Tail width

18.4" / 19" / 19.8"

Nose Rocker

5.5" / 5.7" / 5.8"

Tail Rocker

2.1" / 2.2" / 2.4"


2.9" / 3" / 3.1"


46ltr / 52ltr / 58ltr




Eps Core, Fiberglass/Epoxy