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*Lifetime Warranty * Industries Premium Outfitting * Strongest and Stiffest Plastic * Delux Kayak Transport Bag * Loads of Free Outfitting Foam * Accident Protection

GLIDE: the boat that changed the rules!

The Glide is part of kayaking folklore. Corran Addison designed a boat that was so advanced, that was so obviously going to sweep the world freestyle championships, that the rules were changed days before the event to stop this from happening. 

Twenty Four years later, Corran is doing it again. The new Glide is going to totally change your perception of what a river running, playful and exciting kayak should look like, and should paddle. It's going to change the rules you've imposed on yourself in your understanding of how a river should be played, or how it can be paddled.

The Glide is breaking all the preconceived ideas that reign supreme in design theory. It's going to open up the river to downriver playing, light creeking, and full on playboating, all at the same time. This is not a half slice. It's not a full slice. It's a 2/3 slice that's as easy to handle as a half slice, and as exciting as a full slice. A fully dry riding bow, that you can also use to access vertical moves with ease even in relatively small features. 

Combine this with Corran's famous fast, loose and carving hulls, the easiest-to-squirt tail out there, and unparalleled river running ease (because no one likes being upside down), and you have a winning design.

The Glide is available in two specifications:
The Yellow, Sunrise and Pink are the lighter construction for less abusive boaters and feature our new Super-Lite hull support system (the Yellow with Power seat, and the other two with foam seat and backband) The Orange and Black are the slightly heavier and stronger build that uses our 2021 Skeletor Extreme outfitting.  C1 outfitting uses the base Pro-Lite concept with knee pads, foam butt pad, padded ratchet straps, quick release, backband and ankle pads. 

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Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name



7'9”| 235cm


26.8”| 68cm

Height (front)

14” | 35.5cm

Height (Back)

8.5” | 21.6cm

Nose Rocker

12.5” | 31cm

Tail Rocker

6.7” | 17.1cm

Rocker type

Continuous with Speed Louvers

Cockpit Length (Outside)

35”| 89cm*

Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 53cm*

Plastic Type (Strong)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (Light)

Hilex 16 HDPE

Boat Weight (Strong)

37 lbs | 17kg  

Boat Weight (Light)

33 lbs | 15kg  

General Use Paddler Weight

150lbs-220lbs | 68kg-100kg

Playboating Paddler Weight

160lbs – 240lbs | 72kg-108kg

Standard Colours

Skeletor Extreme 2

Blue Hooptie


Grab Loop

2 +1

Power Seat Available?

Yes (Yellow)


66 Gal | 249ltr


The Glide Cockpit is 2" wider and 2" longer than standard Soul kayaks cockpits to fit bigger people. Most Soul sized keyhole skirts will still fit it, unless your brand of skirt was already stretched to the limit, then you might need a Big Deck.

We wrap the kayak in a cool bag, rather than disposable plastic and cardboard packing. We put a skin of plastic over this to help protect the bag from dirt and scuffing, but it is also possible that the boats can arrive with bags more abused than this. This is a free bag for you to keep and use, but we cannot make shipping damage claims for damaged bags (the few times that it happens)