Soul Stick Snow Wave

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If you want to see what it feels like to "levitate" down the mountain; to feel like you're weightless and flying across the snows surface, then the Snow Wave is the board for you.

Hokkaido Japan is world renown for its deep powder. It's where so much of modern snowboarding got its "surf inspired" influence. Developing hand in hand with classic snowboarding, are the Yukiita: bindingless, and usually edgeless, snowboards.

True to this tradition of snow surfing, we are bringing this to a whole new level of looking for that surf feel, by creating a design that rides exactly like a surfboard on snow.

To get that surf feel on snow rather than on water, there were some key design elements that had to be adapted. A split tail allows you to flex the tail like you're burying the tail in a wave, and also acts a little like fins to help hold the line. Narrower that a surfboard, since flotation to paddle in isn't required, we can get a more responsive feel despite being on a surface that doesn't have the cohesive forces of water.

This is designed to be ridden with bindings, or without - free foot, like a Yukiita, by easily hand screwing in the deck studs for bindingless grip.

This board really doesn't like groomers. You can make it back to the lift line if you're riding in bounds, but it's designed for hiking, catski or heliski environments with deep snow (30cm or more) and steeper terrain.

This "non split" powder board is a DYI splittable board. The core is made so that if you cut your board down the center, it is not necessary to seal the cut with epoxy and fiberglass. The board is also built with the hill climbing pin inserts pre-installed, so that all that remains is for you to drill counter sunk holes through the board for the clamp mounting points. No insert installation is necessary. Yes, we thought of everything! (We're not responsible if you trash your board cutting it in half, but we've made it easier to do if you want to).

Note: Because the wide point is at your front foot, not in the ends, the board needs to be more flexible than a "normal" sidecut design that has the wide point far away from your feet. 

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Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Snow Wave



Nose Width

254mm (taken 240mm from nose)

Waist Width


Tail width

236mm (taken 240mm from tail)

Nose Rocker length


Nose Rocker height


Tail Rocker length


Tail Rocker height


Insert Pattern

4x4 plus side rows for studs

Stance Width

500mm when centered on inserts

Longitudinal flex

 4/10 (Surf Classic) - 5/10 (Japan)

Tail V Length


Leash Attachement

2 points

Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Recommended Stance

F 10 to 45 / R 0 to 15 - Medium