SUP Safety Leash

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The safest place for you on a river, is always being on your board, not swimming down the rapids exposed to whats coming at you. Our waist leash is the most thought out, highly developed leash on the market today.  However, being tied to your board presents it’s own problems. This is why our leash was designed with the assumption that in an emergency you will not have a free hand, and the leash should separate from you in an instant. Firstly, the leash is constructed from a low yield urethane cord, which is coiled so it doesn’t dangle in the water.  Avoiding a snag is the best way to avoid problems. There are then two places where you can regulate the “separation tension” – the force required to release the leash. Stronger for big volume rivers with few possibilities of snagging, and low force for rivers with many trees, rocks and other potential snag points. If you don’t release the easy-to-find waist strap, then these other two points release on their own. Should those fail, there are three built-in fail safety points which will “break”. One point in the coil, one point the sewing where the coil attaches to the waist belt, and the third is the D ring on the waist belt itself – each designed to fail under excessive force releasing you.

Being on your board is by far the safest place you can be on a river, and getting that board back and onto it after a fall is key to this. We’ve just made it as safe as possible.

Race paddlers will also appreciate the design for events where a fast release is necessary for running through the finish line after surfing in through big surf.