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Anyone that has ridden binding free will tell you that the sensation is second to none, in emulating that surfing feeling on snow. Part of this is because freedom of lower leg movement, and part is the massive reduction in weight.

The problem is that it takes perfect conditions. Deep snow, and open bowls and tree lines, to make the beautiful sweeping turns. If you live and ride somewhere like Quebec that doesn't have these sots of conditions, "No Board" or "Yukiita" boards just don't work great. Anytime you bottom out, you crash. If you are in tight trees and need to make hopping turns, or tight manoeuvres, you can't, and inbounds, when you're going from powder stash to powder stash, with groomer runs between them, you spend most of your day walking down the mountain.

The Powder Clip provides that "binding free" sensation, while still keeping you connected to the board. 

The entire base is flexible, and moves with your boot on the deck surface. This allows your boot to roll fore and aft, and heel to toe, much in the same way it would without a binding, giving maximum lower leg movement and control. A single, boot centred strap holds your boot onto the board, while allowing it maximum movement, without any slipping feel. A small "highback" provides just enough support to carve the groomer runs between powder stashes.

With a single centred strap you'd think you're going to have heel lift, but you don't. Because the binding follows your boot, you never have that sensation of your boot moving around and lifting inside the chassis.

Coming in at about 400g, it's a third of the weight of most "normal" bindings.

Once you ride these, traditional bindings are going to feel like you've got ski boots bolted to your feet!

*The powder Clip comes with a toe strap, that can be mounted for a more traditional feel.

** Needs to be ordered as "Regular" or "Goofy"