Unit Quickstep

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The design goal seems simple enough. Create a binding system that's as easy, or easier, to get into than a step in, and feels just like a normal strap and buckle system. We wanted a binding that everyone, from the most experienced advanced rider, to intermediates, would love and swear by. We wanted a system that would become the most demanding riders go-to binding! 

Many of us at Unit have used various step in or rapid entry binding systems, whether from the 1990’s or the more modern ones, and there is certainly something to be said for the ease of simply stepping into a binding, or having a single latch closure, and you're off riding. 

However the "idea" and the "reality" are very different things. Both step in, and single latch closure bindings have their issues. One of the significant downsides of all step in systems is that you are compelled to use that brands boot, with their binding. 

Another issue is they just feel... weird. Despite all attempts to "normalize" the step in bindings, they simply feel different. Many won't allow you to click in easily if there is any snow buildup in the system, or if you're on unusually steep terrain. If there is any ice or snow buildup on the boot or binding, you simply cannot get into it properly.

While "traditional" binding systems have come a long way in the last 20 years, they are essentially unchanged in their design and function. We love the way they feel when we're riding, but despite all efforts to simplify the process of getting into them, it's still a laborious, and sometimes frustrating process for some.

While the design goal was simple, executing it has not been. It's taken us over three years and countless prototypes to get where we are to the final product. We had to remain dedicated to the single most important design goal as we developed this: a binding that's as fast to get into as a step in, but feels just like a regular strap in system!

So who uses this Quick Step Binding? We have World Cup winners, national team members, hard core carvers, park rats and back country powder hounds using it. And now... possibly you!