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It took us about 5 mins to realize that what we like, our kids will probably like too. So we made a test Powder Clip, gave it to some small kids to ride, and asked them what they thought.

They loved it. But the real clincher was when they went back to their favorite traditional bindings, and really didn't like them anymore.

Anyone that has ridden binding free will tell you that the sensation is second to none, in emulating that surfing feeling on snow. Part of this is because freedom of lower leg movement, and part is the massive reduction in weight.

These evolved from being just a small Powder Clip, into something more suited for kids. Compared to adults, the highback is taller, giving them a little more support on heelside turns. The base is just slightly stiffer compared to the Powder Clip (for their weight), and the binding has micro forward and back adjustment, using just two screws (rather than 4) with a 30 to -30 adjustment range.

The binding comes standard with a lightweight toe strap, for which the main goal is to help get the boot up against the highback, but once they get the hang of it, that often gets taken off.

Weighing under 300g, they're half of the weight of most "normal" kids bindings.

Does not work with EST boards.