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Women surfers are looking for the same surfy feel on the mountain as men: a lightweight, high flex boot to recreate the surfy feeling of riding strapless on rolling ocean waves... but on the mountain, strapped in.

The Waikiki is a medium flex boot, tailored for the body mass and weight of women, flexing evenly forward and back, and laterally. This allows you to edge effortlessly into your powder turns, while replicating the freedom of movement that you'd have on a surfboard.

We want to turn the mountain into a giant wave park, so you can make surf-like turns all over mountain features, like  you're surfing ocean waves.

The Waikiki is a Quick Lace boot, both for the liner and the outer shell, for rapid entry and exit, with a snug precision fit built around a Womans foot. Deep Powder surfers, as well as general mountain riders who prefer a more flexible response will appreciate the freedom of this lightweight (870g) performance focused boot.